The most "Chandelles" look

The most "Chandelles" look

Discovering Les Chandelles starts with delightful preparation:

“Tonight, I will be stunning: I am having diner with my friends at Les Chandelles. Tonight, I will be glamorous, sexy and classy. What about picking theses pink high heels… I am tempted by my organza strapless dress… Finally, I am picking red suspenders… What to match it with? Just found the perfect idea, sparkling gloss and my delicious little black dress!
Someone at the door, this is Julie and Stephane. Ouch, Julie is wearing a pair of jeans! This is not allowed at Les Chandelles! Come have a look at my closet…”

At Les Chandelles, you have to look your best!
At Les Chandelles, we like a sense of beauty, magic, seduction, feminine women and sexy men.

Enjoy it! Play with clothes, lingerie, accessories to master you own art of seduction. We dare you! All women are beautiful when they assume themselves and all men can be sexy (almost all of them…)
Some advice; Les chandelles cannot stand flat shoes, trainers, sport outfits, short sleeves shirts, white socks or anything similar that lacks class.

To conclude, be prepared to go out, to seduce, with class and taste. Furthermore, we do not accept vulgar behavior or lack of respect towards anybody in Les Chandelles.
At Les Chandelles, we love the art of seduction. Impress us!